Underwater with Romi & Vika

underwater behind the scenes still of Vika with Romi Burianova

Underwater with Romi & Vika


Underwater with Romi & Vika

Having a partner who is equally as creative, if not more, has given me a chance to explore some really wonderful environments for filming like this one underwater.

Romi Burianova is not just known for her wedding (weddingsbyromi) and fashion photography, but her underwater photography as well. There is definitely no words to describe the experience of witnessing Romi work her magic underwater, so instead of trying to explain I thought I may try to just show others what it is like. After helping her out with a few different underwater shoots I finally got the chance to capture a few clips in the process. Here are two teaser videos behind the scenes of two different shoots with fitness model Vika Russell.

We all had so much fun shooting, and although it was in a nice tropical environment the water was super cold! Luckily there was a hot tub just around the corner for us to warm up in.

Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think in the comments!



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