Marcial de Gomar’s Emeralds International

emerald jeweler on the work bench

Marcial de Gomar’s Emeralds International

Emeralds International LLC. is a local, family owned and operated, jewelry brand in Key West, Florida specializing in… you guessed it, emeralds! But they are not the only jewelry store in the world to specialize in emeralds, so they asked me to help highlight aspects about their business that make them unique. Right away my first question was “who is Marcial de Gomar?”. So we did this video:

For more of my work with Emeralds International LLC. visit their website ( to see an example of my web design, photography, videography, marketing and content creation. They are a wonderful example of basically all the services I offer, as all of their digital content was created by EWA Studios (formerly Stephen i Studios).


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