Brendan O’Hara in Key West with G.Love

Brendan O'Hara in Key West with G.Love

Brendan O’Hara in Key West with G.Love

Brendan O’Hara in Key West with G.Love

On May 9th, 2017 G.Love was set to perform at the San Carlos Institute in Key West, Florida. In the opening act a local musician from Miami named Brendan O’Hara blew the crowd away with his set. Brendan performed a series of original songs using a loop pedal and playing many instruments including a guitar, keyboard and harmonica. To top it off Brendan had an incredible voice. His music really got those funky vibes flowing, and the crowd up and out of their seats. In fact G.Love enjoyed his music so much that he requested one of Brendan’s songs during the encore.

I was there with my partner Romi Burianova to document the show. While everyone was there for G.Love I couldn’t help but focus in on the surprise story which was Brendan O’Hara. After reviewing all my footage from the concert I decided to put together this highlight video titled:┬áBrendan O’Hara in Key West with G.Love. Enjoy the video and definitely check out Brendan O’Hara where ever you listen to your music.

If you too are a musician and wish to get some video footage of you at a live event, behind the scenes, documentary, or lifestyle give me a shout and I’d be happy to work with you!

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