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photo of Stephen Iwaszko by Romi Burianova

“Fear of failure finds no place. Mutual support, commitment to learning, and appreciation of diversity of action are the prevailing norms.”

~ The Universal House of Justice, January 9, 2001

What I Can Offer You

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find some of my latest short films of all different genres, examples of websites I have created, re-designed, and currently manage, as well as many other digital marketing projects I have been involved with. My goal is and always will be to capture and portray your story in a creative way that helps to emphasize its unique components. With a genuinely loving and positive outlook on this world, and an extensive background in travel I’ve learned to find and share the untold stories that are all around us. Every single person and business has a story… even you.

If it’s your wedding I will find the story between you and your partner, and then create a film that expresses that love. If it’s your passion such as music or photography I will capture what makes it uniquely yours, and why you love it. If it’s your business I will seek to find the passion that drives you to offer your services to the world and share that in your marketing efforts. Whatever it may be, your story is what makes you you, and that is important, so why not share it!

Please take your time exploring my work and give me a shout if you have any questions, or if you would like me to capture and/or market your story!

A Little More About Me

As for me I was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada where I dreamt of playing professional soccer (not hockey) from the early age of 3. This dream eventually took me around the world from the age of about 14 to 21 when circumstances forced me to return home and give up my career.

This led me to university where I began a degree in Physical Education, but halfway through the degree I became a Baha’i and set off on an open ended journey to travel wherever life would take me. I had $300, a guitar, and a 1995 Buick Century station wagon. For the next 4 years I traveled through 20+ countries, sailed across oceans, walked countless miles, lived in a cave for 7 months, but most importantly met thousands of individuals with incredible stories.

Finally I found a place to stop for a minute and settle in to a new phase of my life. I was hired by friends of mine to photograph their jewelry, which lead to building their website, setting up their social media, designing ads both digital and print, and everything else. This opportunity inspired me to take what I had learned and the skills I had acquired over the years, and find a way to share them with others.

For the past few years, between continuing my studies in Digital Media and building EWA Studios, I have squeezed in the time to pursue my other passions of travel, sports, music, and humanity.

I am so excited to be here at this moment of my life living in a way I never dreamed of, but truly able to say that I am happy. I cannot wait to work on more creative projects, capture more special moments, and share more inspiring stories. I cannot wait to learn and grow just as I have been blessed to do my whole life. And I cannot wait to meet you!

Hope to hear from you soon.